Freedom, determination and courage!!


I believe during these years of my twenties, I would experience important changes, one after one, especially mentally. They could be life-changing. Therefore, simply, I would like to write down and keep track of my thoughts here. They might not be great ideas, even might be trivial matters in the eyes of others, but I believe they would be remarkable for me. I want others as well as myself to witness these significant steps on the path of my life journey.

β€œThe secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.” (Thucydides) Yes, courage. This is what I need in order to pursue my dreams. I know I also lack determination most of the time. Even for establishing a habit, as simple as keep writing a diary, I’m not determined enough to carry it out. This, together with procrastination, would be fatal causes for failing to realise my dreams. So, starting from writing a blog, I hope to get more and more determined with every of my goals. I hope to improve myself, to be a better girl, a happy, passionate and determined one. πŸ˜‰